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St Basil’s Day, a Greek celebration

January 1 is St. Basil’s Day and it is an important day, especially in Greece, where his feast day is celebrated as part of the New Year’s Eve festivities.  These include card games and other games of chance, a special … Continue reading

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Ouija, Origin of Evil

This is a bit like doing a review of a movie I haven’t seen.  Actually, I am putting why I am not seeing it “out there” for anyone to take and use, or not. Many of my readers will know … Continue reading

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The Fancy Dancer

The classic novel by Patricia Nell Warren. So the other day I was browsing my own bookshelves for a novel (I don’t have many novels because I haven’t, up until fairly recently, read many of them).  I found The Fancy … Continue reading

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Saint Winnoc, patron saint of millers

  Milling, or the grinding of cereal into flour, is one of the oldest known professions.  The patron saint of millers is St Winnoc, a seventh century abbot of Wormhout, Flanders, originally presumed to be from Wales. Flour gets a … Continue reading

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UCT Summer School teaches art as students burn it.

Even as students at UCT are burning artworks in protest of UCTs failure to feed, clothe, house and educate them free of charge, UCT’s Irma Stern Museum is hosting a programme at the gallery named in honour of Irma Stern … Continue reading

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Christingle Challenge

It was the priest’s parting comment on the explanation of Christingles that set my thoughts aflame this morning. “And one puts the lit Christingle in the window to light the way for weary travellers so that they can follow the … Continue reading

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Lent 2015

The season of Lent is upon us.  Every year I wonder how I am going to mark the Lenten season.  Sometimes I mark it more successfully than at other times.  What will 2015 hold for me?  I find a photo … Continue reading

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