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The title Jayne Mansfield turned down

Today’s fascinating. but utterly useless, food fact – On 19 April 1933 Jayne Mansfield was born. American beauty contest winner, stage and screen actress. Supposedly the only title she ever turned down was ‘Miss Roquefort Cheese,’ because she believed it … Continue reading

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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

A book of biographies of one hundred inspirational women beautifully illustrated bye sixty different artists from around the world, three of the illustrations by two South African artists. The writers and artists are all women.  The work is meant to … Continue reading

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Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Nicola Yoon’s first novel, Everything Everything, is about a “bubble girl” – a young woman, Maddie, who is basically allergic to everything.  She lives in her own little sterile world and, miraculously, finds love with a neighbour, Ollie.  Is this … Continue reading

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The world’s oldest soup recipe …

Today’s interesting, but utterly useless food fact: The world’s oldest recipe for soup is approximately 6000 years old.  It apparently calls for hippopotamus, sparrows, vegetables, lentils and spices. I couldn’t find a source for this information, even though I looked.  … Continue reading

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Patron Saint of Coffee house owners and keepers

Today’s fascinating, but utterly useless, food fact – 16 April is the Feast of Saint Drogo, patron of coffee house owners and keepers. Actually, Saint Drogo’s lifestoy offers no clue how he got to be the patron saint of coffee … Continue reading

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Taste the Little Karoo, by Beate Joubert

Sometimes a recipe book just speaks to me of someone specific – Taste the Little Karoo is evocative of a friend of mine who owns a holiday home in the Little Karoo and who is a fantastic cook.  The book … Continue reading

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Today’s Grand Cru – Landskroon Shiraz 2013

Cru is “a vineyard or group of vineyards, especially one of recognized quality”. It is a French wine term which is traditionally translated as “growth”, as it was originally the past participle of the verb “croitre”. At the recent Chef’s … Continue reading

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