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Asanka, Rivonia Junction

Asanka is a Ghanaian word meaning “grinding pot”, much like a large, wide rimmed, pestle and mortar, and the asanka is used all over West Africa to  blend and create  wholesome meals from the freshest ingredients. Asanka is also the … Continue reading

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Leo Sayer in concert in Johannesburg.

Leo Sayer’s music is my age.  At 69 he’s a decade older than I am.  However, it was, inter alia, his music I listened to as a young woman, first finding my feet in the complex social world outside my … Continue reading

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Twenty years old …

1997 was a good year for the arts. Lots of things started up and Michelle Constant, CEO of BASA (Business of Arts in South Africa), shared some of these things with BASA friends at a breakfast conference celebrating twenty years … Continue reading

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Make a childhood memory this December

Most people of my generation who grew up in Johannesburg have vivid memories of the lights at Joubert Park.  This is certainly something I recall enjoying as a child. While the lights in Joubert Park no longer feature (a pity … Continue reading

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Contemporary dance goes to the people

I have tea with Alexandra le Maitre, a beautiful woman with a dancer’s body.  I have seen her dance before at various Spanish dance programmes.  We meet at De La Creme in Melville.  It is raining, but le Maitre’s quiet … Continue reading

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The Market Theatre #40yearsofstorytelling

I was a small child when I first visited the market.  Back then it really was a market.  As a family we went to the market once a month, usually mid month when the prices were lowest.  My mother bought … Continue reading

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Manicure and Pedicure at R.U.B.

If I chose a hot stone massage at R.U.B. (Relax, Unwind, Breathe) at Coachman’s Crossing, Bryanston, because I had never experienced one before, I chose a manicure and pedicure for precisely the opposite reasons.  I do, from time to time, … Continue reading

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