Week 1/52 St Michael and All Angels


Date and time of service: 3 December 2017 at 09:30

Religion: Christian

Denomination: Anglican

Name of church: St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church

Name of service: Family Mass

Leader of service: Reverend Sue Waldron

Liturgical importance:  First Sunday in Advent

Address: 1123 Cornelius Street, Weltevreden Park, Johannesburg.

Accessibility:  Wheel chair friend access

Neighbourhood:  Middle class, fairly affluent, family oriented.

Website: http://www.stmikes.org.za/

Description of building:  20th century, modern classic Anglican style.

St Michael 6 Building

St Michael and All Angels, Weltevreden Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

Garden:  The gardens are spacious and beautifully kept.  There is a ministry devoted to this.

St Michael 8 Hydrangeas

The beautiful hydrangeas are known as “the Christmas flower” in South Africa because they are at their best at this time of the year

Additionally there is a Garden of Remembrance which is beautiful, but soggy due to the recent rain. The congregation is involved with eco matters and projects.

St Michael 3 Garden of Rememberance

Impression of congregation: Families. Slight majority are white congregants, but multiracial.

How many people attended: Approximately 200 people

General dress code: Smart casual

Welcome: Some of the congregants and a formal welcome from Reverend Sue Waldron

Pre-service ambience:  We were very early and there was a slight bustle as people prepared and the worship group commenced singing about ten minutes before the service started/

Comfort: Comfortable padded pews

Opening words of service:  Good morning, welcome to the House of the Lord.

St Michael 7 Banners

Written liturgy/music: On overhead projection
Music:  Modern worship band with modern Christian choruses.

Distractions:  A baby crying from time to time without being taken to they cry room.

Style of worship:  Contemporary Anglican with bells and smells.

Length of sermon: 18 minutes

Quality of sermon: Excellent

Theme of sermon: Stay awake and alert in waiting for our Lord’s return

Preacher: Reverend Sue Waldron

Child friendly?:  Yes.

The most heavenly part of the service: Prayers for the people travelling, or with difficult situations like medical appointments or illness at the end of the service.

The most hellish part of the service:  There wasn’t anything of the sort

After service:  We were not invited to stay for tea and didn’t know there was tea until I returned from the toilet, by which time the rest of my party were waiting for me in the car.

Ablutions: Not wheelchair friendly, but clean.

Likelihood of returning:  It is not my first visit to St Michael and All Angels, nor will it be my last.

General mood after service: The people were all quite absorbed in their own doings.

The most memorable thing about the service:  I purchased one of their fresh Advent Wreaths for my home, so I have been reminded of them all through Advent.


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