About Moira

Moira de Swardt, freelance journalist for arts, culture (and health and ecology) fell in love with all things theatrical at five years of age when she made her stage debut dressed in a blue swimming costume, blue tights and a length of net curtaining as a wave, the sea-billow variety, in a school concert.

She has been  making her musical musings, dance dialogues and theatrical thoughts public since February 1999 when she first acquired access to the internet.

In addition, Moira has been involved in first aid, civil preparedness, home nursing (home based care) and firefighting since the early eighties. She served in a mission hospital in Swaziland and has worked extensively in first aid and home based care instructing, HIV and AIDS counselling as well as served thousands of hours as a volunteer on ambulances and in hospitals.

An ordained clergy person, Christian, she pastors a small inner city non-denominational ministry and works actively with women’s ministries including the female relatives of prisoners.

Moira de Swardt with Chase Bosch (Carabosse in The Sleeping Beauty)

1 Response to About Moira

  1. Good morning,

    May name is Olivier- I am from Mauritius. Thank you for this well-documented and lively blog. I have been adding you to my blog list. I hope it will please you.
    Mine is more of a window on others who write well about my interests (though I left some of my attempts at photography or concert accounts in an approximate tongue that some would call pata-French. A quick look will be enough to understand why I am not going on).

    I have been to SA recently (May-June) and attended 3 symphonic concerts – the Sanderling in Durban and in Johannesburg and the Korsten in Pretoria- and was very happy with them.
    It aroused my interest about your musical life and this is how I found your blog.
    I can just congratulate you for it



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