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Survivor: A-Z Challenge, April 2014

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Z is for Zanele’s Zeal Zings (A-Z Challenge, 2014)

I eat at Stages, Joburg Theatre, often.  Probably too often considering that I generally think it is one of the less exciting restaurants in town and the service usually sucks.  My only defence it that it is convenient.  My cousin … Continue reading

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Y is for Young Ballet Stars (A-Z Challenge, April 2014)

South Africa spent most of the apartheid era isolated from world ballet.  Very few of the great dancers visited, and South African dancers were not welcome as competitors at International Competitions.  It is only recently (2008) that Dirk Badenhorst has … Continue reading

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What’s in the Weetbix?

“Do you know what breakfast cereal is made of? It’s made of all those little curly wooden shavings you find in pencil sharpeners!”  – Roald Dahl Hmm.  Definitely correct.

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X marks the date (A-Z Challenge, April 2014)

Today is a public holiday in South Africa.  Well, technically yesterday, 27 April 2014, was the public holiday, but in South Africa where a public holiday falls on a Sunday the following day, the Monday, becomes the holiday.  Never deny … Continue reading

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Strictly No. 1’s at Rivonia Barnyard

The Barnyard Theatres have had a huge influence on the way we “do theatre” in South Africa today.  Somewhat more than traditional cabaret, the concept of people sitting at large tables, able to either order their meals from the theatre … Continue reading

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10 most popular classical choral pieces ever

I received the newsletter of the Johannesburg Bach Choir this week.  It is their fiftieth anniversary this year.  Their first concert was at St Catherine’s Anglican Church, Bramley. I was a little disappointed that they did not choose that as … Continue reading

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