Week 2/52 Weeks of Worship: Gay Christian Community


Date and time of service: 10 December 2017 at 17:30

Religion: Christian

Denomination: Non-denominational

Name of church: Gay Christian Community


Name of service: Worship

Leader of service: Reverend Corinne McClintock

Liturgical importance:  Second Sunday in Advent

Address: 194 Dale Lace Street, Weltevreden Park, Johannesburg.

Accessibility:  Not wheelchair friendly

Neighbourhood:  Middle class, fairly affluent, family oriented.

Website: None

Description of building:  One of the houses in the area, the rooms of Dr Gary Hudson.

Garden:  The gardens are spacious.

Impression of congregation: Elderly gay men mostly, mixed racial make up with staff from Sparrow’s Nest and Dr Hudson’s rooms present.

How many people attended: Approximately 12 people

General dress code: Casual

Welcome: A tight knit group who all know each other well

Pre-service ambience:  Chatty and friendly, quieting and becoming more meditative as the service got closer to starting.

Comfort: Dining room chairs

Opening words of service:  It is a joy and a sadness to serve here tonight.

Written liturgy/music: On printed sheet and Anglican Prayer Book
Music:  Organ, old time hymns.

Distractions:  None.

Style of worship: Formal, traditional


Length of sermon: 15 minutes

Quality of sermon: Excellent

Theme of sermon: Preparing the way

Preacher: Reverend Corinne McClintock

Child friendly?:  No.

The most heavenly part of the service: The close fellowship of the participants.

The most hellish part of the service:  After thirty five years, the direction of the Gay Christian Community is moving away from a house church back to its origins as a house Bible Study group.

After service:  A Christmas tea with everyone staying on to chat.

Ablutions: Plentiful, clean and easy to access.

Likelihood of returning:  The services are not continuing in their present form, but I will attend the bible studies.

General mood after service: The people were all quite sad at the end of an era.

The most memorable thing about the service:  The years we spent there as a group.




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