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Family Day (26 December) Cricket at Centurion

Remember the advertisement “I don’t like cricket … I looooove it!”?  Well, I embody that advertisement. Regular readers of my work will probably have heard this story before, but I will tell it again for those who haven’t. I was … Continue reading

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Lady in White, Perla Gibson

Here is a story about a woman that my late mother remembered well and told me about … my mother was a young teenager at the time and admired her greatly. Another wartime national South African treasure -the famous ‘Lady … Continue reading

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Und zen ze dragon eat St George …

My father’s brother was named George.  My younger niece is named Georgia, after my uncle.  St George’s Day is on 23 April.  Today is their saints day, and I think of them particularly as I write this. The title of … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day 2013

Every year Johannesburg, together with tens of thousands of other cities and towns around the world, gathers to commemorate the lives lost in wars across the globe in a solemn Remembrance Day Service and/or Parade.  This year the theme of … Continue reading

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1 October – International Day of the Older Person

The United Nations created an International Day of the Older Person in recognition of their unique needs, so I decided to celebrate it. I am not, quite yet, in the “Older Person” category except by dating standards, although I certainly … Continue reading

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So it’s October … Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My mother died of breast cancer when I was seventeen. It changed how I looked at life. I had a benign breast lump removed in 1991. That also made me re-evaluate life. Now I actively participate in Breast Cancer Awareness … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Mixael de Kock

Dearest Mixael You were not an old friend of mine – in fact our friendship was at that nascent stage between acquaintanceship and friendship.  We were just learning to know one another’s innermost thoughts, histories and just starting to create … Continue reading

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