Cape Wine Auction raise funds for education

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Cape Wine Auction raising funds for early learning centres.  This is the Maranatha Trust, one of 27 beneficiaries of this project.

Press release below:

The Cape Wine Auction Trust is set to hold its yearly beneficiary workshop on Friday, September 1, at The Retreat, Boschendal Estate with this year’s theme being “Impact through Collaboration”.

The annual Cape Wine Auction (CWA), sponsored by Nedbank Private Wealth, has set a local philanthropic precedent as the wine industry unites to raise funds to benefit education in the South African winelands. It has raised nearly R55 million in four years, with all proceeds donated to its chosen charities, without offset or deduction.

The Cape Wine Auction trustees have instituted a new model of distribution for the proceeds with greater collaboration amongst the organisations who receive assistance. The upcoming workshop includes all 27 beneficiaries – who share their experiences – and helps optimise productivity by eliminating duplication and concentrating on key areas of expertise.

Themes that will be covered during this week’s workshop include:

  • Addressing barriers to learning
  • Building a solid foundation
  • Schools at the centre of community
  • Leadership and self-esteem
  • Education for the wine industry

The conference includes a conversation with DeMorgenzon’s Wendy Appelbaum, who also serves as chairperson of Cape Wine Auction Trust.  The talk will be facilitated by Noxolo Hlongwane, who is responsible for developing Nedbank Private Wealth’s philanthropy offering and strategy.

Speakers, who will address attendees across the various themes, include Leila Davids, who has worked at the Children’s Institute at UCT, and now holds the position of health manager at ELMA Philanthropies and Jessica Batts from Partners for Possibility, which works with school principals throughout the winelands region. There will also be addresses by representatives from some of the beneficiaries of the Cape Wine Auction Trust including the Anna Foundation, Hope Through Action, The Lunchbox Fund, Maranatha Trust and the Kusasa Project.

Says CWA Trust facilitator Andi Norton: “The workshop is an opportunity for the CWA Trust beneficiaries to meet each other, share their successes and challenges, and be inspired by some of the best experts in philanthropy. It is a great day which celebrates those we fund and supports them to achieve even more over the coming months.”

“Having familiarised the organisations with each other thanks to these annual workshops, and aligned them towards a common purpose, the hope is to achieve even greater efficiency and impact,” adds says CWA Trust trustee Mike Ratcliffe.

The 2018 Cape Wine Auction takes place on February 9 and 10 at Tokara Wine & Olive Farm and Rustenberg Wine Estate.

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