Satyagraha House tea

The Satyagraha House in Pine Road, Orchards, Johannesburg, is the home in which Mahatma Gandhi lived from 1908 to 1909 with his friend, German architect, Herman Kallenbach.  The original two rondawel homestead was known as “The Kraal”.

The venue is now a seven roomed bed-and-breakfast, small conference venue owned and run by a French company, Voyageurs du Monde Africa.Day visitors are welcome.  Tours around the venue cost R70 for foreigners, and include the brochure. South Africans tour free, but if they want the brochure on the house, it costs R40.  It is definitely a tranquil and interesting historical setting, and an excellent place to host foreign and other discerning visitors for small meetings.

Satyagraha Tea Launch Weds 21 June 17 128

Tour of Satyagraha House.  Photographer Anthony Garland

The food provided for conferences is vegetarian, in accord with Gandhi’s food philosophy.  It is, however, delicious and plentiful.  A new tisane, Satyagraha, has been created by tea blenders, Yswara, specially for Satyagraha House.  Gandhi gave up drinking tea when it was pointed out to him how much pleasure he derived from tea.

Satyagraha Tea Launch Weds 21 June 17 107

The Satyagraha tisane. Photographer Anthony Garland

Swaady Martin, Yswara’s founder and CEO, blends an organic caffeine free, premium and exclusive out-of- the-box African tisane Malawian verbena combined with chai spices and indigenous “teas” – cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, honeybush, rooibos and rosebuds.  This is a rich gold colour and is rich in antiosidants and good for releasing blocked nasal airways.


Satyagraha House
15 Pine Rd, off Garden Road Orchards, Johannesburg

Tel: +27 (0)11 485 5928|2471 | Email:



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