Recipes for diabetics

IMG_20170605_074004.jpgThere are few things more important than taking a diagnosis of diabetes seriously. No longer a matter of feeling deprived, we learn how best to use our food to control our sugar levels and keep us in tip top condition.

Fortunately, today diabetics have a host of helps as they navigate their way through what, for Type Two diabetics at least, is new culinary territory.

One of these is a recipe book by Leanne Katzenellenbogen. Delicious, modern, healthy recipes for diabetes. I don’t think it is meant to imply the recipes will give you diabetes.

Current conventional wisdom regarding diabetic diets is low fat, no refined carbs, no processed foods. And no sugar, of course. Sensible enough for most lifestyles. This book follows this principle.

I am the lazy sort, and I am probably never going to make baked French Toast with strawberries and sweetened ricotta for four. But I will make baked French Toast with cottage cheese for myself.  So feel free to adapt these recipes to suit your own lifestyle.

Certainly if one still wishes to include the odd sweet treat in one’s new lifestyle this book is very helpful. It has sweet breakfasts, desserts and extras aplenty. Waffles with agave syrup? First recipe up. Avocado chocolate mousse? Its there. I crave chocolate mousse. I have studied, but not yet made this recipe.

A coconut yoghurt sugar free cake looks set to become a staple in many homes.

I have a weight problem, so for me, the main interest was in the lower carb, lower fat recipes.  Tips like buying cauliflower wraps from Woolworths make it easy to assemble a guilt free lunch.

The author is a qualified dietician regiatered as a specialist in her field of Diabetes and Endocrinolgy. She is also married to a diabetic with a very sweet tooth. She knows what she is talking about and lives it.

Title: Delicious, Modern, Healthy Recipes for Diabetes.

Author: Leanne Katzenellenbogen

Publisher: Struik Lifestyle

Year: 2017

Recommended Retail Price: R230

ISBN: 978-43230-701-1












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