Patron Saint of Coffee house owners and keepers

Today’s fascinating, but utterly useless, food fact –

16 April is the Feast of Saint Drogo, patron of coffee house owners and keepers.

Saint Drogo

Saint Drogo

Actually, Saint Drogo’s lifestoy offers no clue how he got to be the patron saint of coffee house owners and keepers.

His mother died during his birth so this Flemish saint felt a great deal of guilt.  Apparently he could bilocate (be in two places at once) and he went on a lot of pilgrimages to Rome, and during one of these he picked up a disease that made him deformed to such an extent that he frightened people.

He spent the rest of his life (another forty years) in an anchorage – a little hut attached to a church from which he never emerged – drinking only barley water and the Holy Eucharist.



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