Hot dogs – Moon food

Today’s fascinating, but utterly useless, food fact –

13 April 2013 – John Galardi died (born March 4, 1938).  Founder of Wienerschnitzel (originally Der Wienerschnitzel) hot dog fast food chain.

Hot dog

I told you it was useless.  Now here’s the fascinating –

1.  American Hot Dogs are every bit as unexciting as South African ones.  (I had one in the USA specifically because I couldn’t believe that Americans actually liked these things).

2.  They like them so much that on Independence Day (4 July) Americans consume more than 150 million hot dogs.  That’s not much given the population of the USA.  But still, it seems that people like them.

3.  Hotdogs were invented in 1484 in Frankfurt, Germany.  That is really not surprising.  The sausages are called frankfurters for a reason.

4.  The most popular sauces are mustard for adults and tomato sauce (ketchup) for children.  This is not surprising when one considers that the other toppings include mayo, pineapples, cottage cheese, shrimp, coconut flakes and more (I shudder to think of the more).

5.  Hot dogs sometimes use sodium nitrites to preserve the sausages against bacteria.  Sodium nitrites have a carcinogenic effect.  Some don’t.  Read labels or buy from a good butcher and ask questions.

6. Hot dogs were of the first food eaten on the moon. Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. ate hot dogs on their 1969 journey.

7. The world’s longest hot dog was 60 meters long?

8 World’s most expensive hot dog was sold at a price of $145.49.  Yes, some people are crazy.

9.  Hot dogs are traditionally paired with beer for adults, or fizzy drinks for children.






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