The Salesman (2016) Winner of the Oscar for the Best Foreign Film


Salesman 2

Asghar Farhadi with his previous Oscar for best foreign movie, A Separation, in 2012

Members of the media previewed the winner of the 2016 Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Film – The Salesman (2016) is an Iranian movie directed and written by Asghar Farhadi.  It stars Taraneh Alidoosti (Rana) and Shahab Hosseini (Emad).  The Academy Awards  ceremony was an opportunity for Asghar Farhadi to make a stand against the travel ban on Iranians and. even though he was permitted to attend, he stayed away.

Salesman 1

This simple realistic drama It involves the complexities around prostitution, rape, marital issues after a sexual attack, including fear, guilt, inadequacy, sexual rejection, post-traumatic stress, revenge and forgiveness..

The film has a play within a play as part of the movie – Arthur Miler;s Death of a Salesman.

Complaints of “too slow” were heard at the end of the screening.  I acknowledge that there was a distinct lack of action.  Instead what we find is a measured unpacking of a complex issue as Rana and Emad  work through the repercussions of the attack on Rana.  It unlocks our compassion and, at times, our bewilderment, at their decisions.

Not all movies are purely about entertainment.  Some stay with us for days, weeks, months or years after we  have  seen it.  The Salesman may be one of those movies.


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