Split, brilliant acting from James McAvoy

One of the great characters for any actor to play is Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, a “split” personality, one genial and good, the other completely malevolent.  James McAvoy gets to play many of the 23 personalities which his character, Kevin Wendell Crumb, has. His acting is excellent and one is never in doubt about which of the characters he is portraying once one has been introduced to them.

Directed by M Night Shyamalan, Split is a 2016 American psychological thriller (billed as a horror movie).


I won’t reveal the plot.  I sat riveted throughout the movie, despite a fairly slow start.

Split has apparently picked up some criticism for stigmatising Dissociative Identity Disorder specifically and mental illness generally, but I didn’t get any sense of disrespect.

Betty Buckley plays the role of Dr Karen Fletcher while the Anya Taylor-Joy plays Casey Cook (teenager) with Izzie Coffey playing the young Casey.  Jessica Sula and Kim Director play the other two girls.

I give Split 8/10 as a horror movie but point out that it really did feel more like a thriller than a horror movie.



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