Contemporary dance goes to the people

I have tea with Alexandra le Maitre, a beautiful woman with a dancer’s body.  I have seen her dance before at various Spanish dance programmes.  We meet at De La Creme in Melville.  It is raining, but le Maitre’s quiet passion is like a ray of sunshine.  I get caught up in the enthusiasm of this particular project.  Taking dance to the people.

Ntsoana Contemporary Dance Theatre is celebrating ten years of existence by taking its In House Project to the community.  Funding from the National Lotteries Commission allows this exciting programme to happen.  This is the fourth such project and it literally takes performances into the living spaces of the people in Cosmo City, Alexandra and Soweto.


Boemo Baba Ntate

Audience members from outside these communities can meet at the Ntsoana offices in Blairgowrie and take a (privately hired) taxi to and from the performance space for the trifling sum of R30.  However, it is the uninvited audience members living in the community who benefit most from these programmes, each of which includes refreshments.

Sello Pesa, the artistic director of Ntsoana Contemporary Dance Theatre says that he wants to change the public’s perception of performance spaces.  He is certainly doing that with this project.

The three programmes all depart from the London International School of Fashion situated on the corner of Eileen and Geneva Roads in Randburg.  There is safe parking for vehicles.


Hlengiwe Madlala

On Friday 2 December 2016 the taxi leaves at 17:30 and travels to Cosmo City.  On Saturday 3 December 2016 and Sunday 4 December 2016, the taxis leave at 14:00 and go to Alexandra and Soweto respectively.  Now many white (and a few black) South Africans have never taken a taxi or explored the townships.  This is your opportunity to explore your own city and visit places you may never have visited before.

The programmes include visual and performing arts.  Ngoana o ke waka is by Boema Baba Ntate Bothata with Thomas Manamela and Ayanda Ndlovu.  Lucy is a work from Reunion Compagnie Tetradanse, choreographed by Valerie Berger and performed by Sandrine Ebrard, #fuckwhitepeople, Breathe Goldendean is by Dean Hutton, Map chache yon vil I look for a city is an installation by Jean Christophe Lanquetin.  Ngicing’u Beauty #1st Attempt is by Hlengiwe Lushaba Madlala and Ibero-Africa is by Rosana Maya.  The latter is a Spanish dance work.


Mas Tiento Rosana

Enquiries ro 011 787 6311 or 083 308  5678.



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