One More Night at Emperors Palace


Andries Visser on Drums

Phil Collins (born in 1951) is an English musical entertainer and songwriter, perhaps best known as the drummer and lead singer in the band Genesis, although he also dominated the 80s as a solo artist. Some of his top singles from that era include In the Air Tonight, Against All Odd, Sussudio and Another Day in Paradise.


Charles Hartzenberg on drums (and backing vocals)

One More Night is a South African tribute show on until 4 December 2016 at the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace. Directed by the talented Weslee Lauder it has a lot of passion and enthusiasm.


The ensemble with Vincent James Chapman on vocals.

Vincent James Chapman is a South African drumming vocalist, and he was backed by a ten artist band, using two drummers (Andre Visser -lead and Eustace Wilken and Charles Hartzenberg), a brilliant saxophonist (Nlanhla Daniel Mahlangu), a trumpeter (Eustace Wilken), a bass guitarist (Andre Louis Senekal) and lead guitar (Antonio Orrico), a keyboard player (Tshepo Monareng) as well as backing vocalists (Charles Hartzenberg, Lenor Cloete and Thapelo Lefifi). Chapman doesn’t have a wide vocal range but his voice is warm and pleasant and his musicality is top-notch. His stage presence sometimes seemed forced, but his energy is almost boundless, sometimes too much for the space. Everyone around me was enjoying themselves and I was having my own pretty good time.


The backgrounds use 21st century technology which gave the work a frenetic feel at times.  I really do wish the lighting people would exhibit 80s good manners and refrain from flashing stage lights in the eyes of their audience.  It is a technique which has absolutely no benefits for the audience whatsoever.  At the very best they don’t hate it too much.  I, on the other hand DO loathe this assault on my eyes. What is going on on stage that you don’t want me to see it?


Charles Hartzenberg on vocals in front of Antonio Orrico on lead guitar

Johannesburg audiences have been subjected to a wide range of imported tribute shows, some of them good and some of them quite horrible, over the last decade or so. Add-Life Productions is the local team who put this delightful tribute show together using local musicians of very high standard.The sound was also very good (Richard from Sound Harmonics).


The super wealthy travellers from South Africa (or locals to the venues) can  hear Phil Collins himself play live in July 2017 in Europe or the UK (the latter will be a five night residency at the Royal Albert Hall in London).


Vincent James Chapman

The rest of us can perve Collins’ recorded and film oevre which won him seven Grammy Awards, six Brit Awards, two Golden Globe, an Oscar.  He is a legend in his lifetime, featuring in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disney Legend, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame.

This is a very pleasant night out at an entertaining tribute show.




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