Manicure and Pedicure at R.U.B.

If I chose a hot stone massage at R.U.B. (Relax, Unwind, Breathe) at Coachman’s Crossing, Bryanston, because I had never experienced one before, I chose a manicure and pedicure for precisely the opposite reasons.  I do, from time to time, consider a manicure and pedicure sufficiently important to pay for a professional one (I generally do my own).  I have some basis of comparison for my judgment of the quality of service offered by R.U.B. The salon has recently received an award for the best nail salon 2016 so my expectations were very high.


RUB Salon Award for Best Nail Salon. Photo credit Liandri du Plessis.

Apparently the average person walks the equivalent of four times around the earth in their life.  Feet deserve some special care and I love pedicures.

My manicurist/pedicurist was a friendly young woman, Sam, who had to make some adjustments for my inability to sit with my feet higher than my hips. Quite frankly I was a little disappointed in the manicure and pedicure, both of which came without the lengthy relaxing reflexology massage of feet and hands.  Given the postural difficulties with my feet, I may have understood that, but my hands deserved some love.

Sam tried to upsell a gel manicure to me, but accepted with good grace when I explained that it was too high maintenance for my lifestyle and pocket.

I still had some lingering nail polish on my toenails and this was removed in the buffing and filing process which followed the clipping of some of my toenails which were longer than desired. I was content with the way Sam filed my nails on both hands and feet.  As far as I could ascertain she did not apply a cuticle remover, but used a clipper to tidy up edges.  She did NOT cut the cuticles or I would have stopped her as trimming cuticles can lead to infections and irritations.

Rub Salon 12 - Photo Credit Liandri du Plessis.jpg

There is a very wide array of nail polish from which to choose, and it was fun choosing them. I went for the fashion trend of having a contrasting accent on the ring fingers.  At no time was I offered the UV light machine to help dry my fingernails while having the pedicure done.  This was a pity as the polish has formed slight bumps (ok, one has to look closely) where I obviously touched fabric before they were 100% dry.

Also, I wasn’t really given options for nail art, something I would have liked.  I do feel pretty with my fresh pedicure and manicure.  The manicure has lasted longer than my home job ones, but they don’t look as if I couldn’t possibly have done them at home.

In the USA it is customary to tip for beauty treatments.  I understand from R.U.B’s owner, Jenny, that about 30% of South Africans tip.  The rest don’t.

A pedicure is my all time favourite pampering treat.  It makes me feel great.  If you have never had one, you are missing out on a great experience.  If you are nervous because of a silly reason like you think your feet are ugly, rest assured that the staff are thoroughly professional and they have seen all sorts of feet before.  Sam was gentle and when I wiggled she asked if it was because it was hurting or because it was ticklish.

I was offered tea, coffee and iced water.  After 12 they offer a glass of wine, which was hugely tempting.  I think I would like a whole day of treatments with just enough wine for me to have to be driven home and put to bed (doesn’t take much to get me to that point).  Sounds idyllic.

The manicure lasted 8 days before a chip appeared.  My home manicures usually last two to three days.  The pedicure has lasted well over two weeks without any damage and it looks as if the polish will have to come off because of nail growth, not because of damage.  I am most pleased with both.

Note:  The treatments received at R.U.B. were complimentary and I do thank the owner, Jenny Fieldgate, for them.  I would like to believe that this in no way jeopardised the honesty of this review which I see as being a bit like a secret shopper report.  However, I acknowledge that if I had a terrible time I wouldn’t have posted anything.


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