Ooh! Box thoughts

One of the sponsored posts on Facebook relates to the Ooh! Box, a box of wines and other delicious goodies delivered to one’s door every month for a fairly hefty monthly fee, which fee includes delivery.  I recently found a blog post on the Food Blog, Johannesburg which read more like publicity than a review.  http://www.food-blog.co.za/joburg/ooh-box-delivery-review/.  This is my response.

While some people might LOVE Ooh! Boxes, they are not for me, and this is why –

If one is looking at a once off delivery to try it or to give as a gift, four bottles of wine, a 500 ml bottle of olive oil, a marinade, some coconut ice, some coffee and a cider will set one back a hefty R759.  If one subscribes for six months that drops to R554 per month.  Still too much.


Ooh! Box. Photo by Kayli Vee.

2011 Stonewall Cabernet Sauvignon  R120
2014 Star Hill Sauvignon Blanc R110
2010 Sutherland Cabernet Sauvignon Petit Verdot R110
2015 Glen Carlou Unwooded Chardonnay R100
The Cooksister Old Fashioned Sosatie Marinade R40
500ml Adamskloof Olive Oil R85
Sweet Temptations Coconut Ice R42
Ritzi’s Coffee R70
And a sneaky Sxollie apple cider R20

For that price I want to choose my wines, get a bigger bottle of olive oil, do away with the sugary stuff altogether and that includes any suspect savoury marinades.  I also want to choose my coffee.  Bearing in mind that one can get perfectly drinkable wines from R30 (white) or R50 (red) upwards, taking a chance at R120 might not be the wisest way to try a bottle of wine.  (Wine shows like RMB WineX are a much better way to go if one is building a little cellar).

Specialty stores allow one to get olive oil at good prices – Food Lovers Market or SuperSconto have some great deals on virgin or extra virgin olive oil, often in 1 litre bottles for about the same price (R85).

The Ooh! Box also presupposes that one wants all those things.  I don’t like most Chardonnays, seldom use marinades, am not supposed to eat sugar and never make coffee at home.  Having said that, I would love to try the cider, but one bottle?  Seriously?

So, my take on Ooh! Box is that it is a nice concept, but not something I would spend limited discretionary money on.



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One Response to Ooh! Box thoughts

  1. Steve says:

    For that money we would be able to watch cricket. Since we can’t afford that, we certainly can’t afford this, and what would we do with all that coconut ice?

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