Mo’s Magic

I don’t watch much TV so I missed Mo’s Magic on SABC3.  I do, however, enjoy magic shows, so when the notification of this one landed in my inbox, I made a plan. Unfortunately my plan was for the last show of a very brief run at The Fringe Theatre at the Joburg Theatre Complex.  They didn’t need my publicity.  The house was almost sold out.

Mo Magic Close Up.jpg

The stage is more plushly decorated than is usual, and it has a comfortable feel to it.  Turns out that “Mo” is short for “Mohammed” and he is a qualified engineer who has wandered into following his passion.  He has some humorous patter, and his repartee is quick, but gentle.  He is a performer who comes across as very likeable.

He offers to explain one of his tricks, and so he does, without any of us being any the wiser, while talking about palm shakes, cards and traffic cops, at which point the audience mostly laugh.  There are a lot of children in the matinee performance.  There is even a birthday party going on.  It is interesting that while his magic is aimed at an adult audience that I am never disturbed by the presence of children.  They behave themselves. This must mean that they were adequately entertained.

There is nothing in his routine that I haven’t seen before but this in no way invalidates the show.  It is slick, funny and kind.  He doesn’t make jokes at the expense of the audience and one leaves it feeling better about the world.  He stood outside the theatre in foyer for quite a while speaking to his fans and having photographs with them.  Another feel good interaction with his fan base.  He reminds us that he is on social media #MoMagic.

He clearly enjoys what he does.  I enjoyed what he did.  A sizable audience enjoyed what he did.  I don’t doubt that we will see him again in the future.

Mo’s Magic was at The Fringe, Joburg Theatre Complex, from 20-23 October 2016.




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