The Kite Runner, 2007

This is an old movie, directed by Marc Forster, based on the book of the same name, but in view of the fact that I wish to “Watch the World” or at least one movie set in each country of the world, I landed up with The Kite Runner, which somehow I missed back when it was on the big screen.  I remember being sorry then that I did not catch it on the big screen, but that regret lingers even now because I don’t think that small screens do the movie justice at all.

The kite runner 1.jpg

It was intended for Afghanistan, but the movie moves between the US, Pakistan and Kabul, Afghanistan.  It does fit some of the criteria for me, in that it outlines some of the political history of the Russian invasion being followed by the Taliban, but I would prefer something more robustly informative about Afghanistan itself.  It seems to me that a place that could give birth to the Taliban needs a little more investigation than I have given it.  I hope to rectify that.


However, The Kite Runner with its wonderful exploration of relationships is one of the great movies of all time so it was really worth watching.  I join the throngs of people who consider this a superb movie and I would be willing to watch it again (and I don’t like seeing movies twice).



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One Response to The Kite Runner, 2007

  1. Percy Tucker says:

    The play of the film ‘The Kite Runner” opens at the Wyndhans Theatre in
    London in December

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