Trolls, the movie


Trolls is a 3D animated musical made in America by DreamWorks Animation.  Directed by Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn it is based on those cute little troll dolls of my childhood.

Voices of Anna Kendrick (Princess Poppy), Justin Timberlake (Branch),, Russell Brand (Creek), James Corden (Biggie), Icona Pop (Satin and Chenille), Ron Funches (Cooper), Kunel Nayyar  (Guy Diamond), GloZell (Grandma Rosiepuff), Meg DeAngelis (Moxie Dewdr0p) and Gwen Stefani (DJ Suki) playing the happy, singing, dancing, hugging trolls make the musical a fun musical production.  Sadly the Bergens, grey ogres who are only ever happy for a while if they eat a troll, go about tracking the trolls down for a feast. Zooey Deschanel (Bridget), Christine Baranski (Chef), John Cleese, King Gristle Sr), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Prince Gristle Jr) are Bergens.

This work speaks a special message to people with eating disorders, and I heard it loud and clear, when Princess Poppy points out that happiness doesn’t come from what we eat, but from inside us.

I now need to remember to think of trolls when tempted by cupcakes.

The movie should be loved by kids, and I found my own special meaning which makes this an unforgettable one for me.




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