Hands of Stone, movie review

Hands of Stone is an American/Panamanian movie made in 2016.  It is about Panamanian boxer, Roberto Duran.


Directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz, it as a fantastic cast.  Edgar Ramirez stars as Roberto Duran, with Usher as Sugar Ray Leonard.  Robert de Niro stars as Ray Arcel.

The boxing scenes never made me feel vaguely ill (I used to do a lot of first aid at boxing marches and often felt vaguely ill – I don’t like seeing my patients being made) and they did keep me on the edge of my seat.

At the end of the day, the movie is just another boxing movie.

I give it 6/10.

However, I am now indulging myself in what I see as an interesting project – counting the number of countries about which movies are made (or where they are set).  I am calling this project “Watching the World”.  It is a form of armchair travel.  This movie’s setting in Panama makes it a first for me.

The Republic of Panama is a central American, Spanish speaking, country. Panama’s capital is Panama City and it is famous for the Panama Canal which cuts through Panama to link the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.  This was built by the Americans between 1904 and 1914 and it was only handed back to Panama in 1999.  This is referenced in the movie.


Flag of the Republic of Panama



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