Konstantin Scherbakov at JMS

The Johannesburg Musical Society hosts ten chamber music concerts every year.  These are always wonderful.


Konstantin Scherbakov is a “daring and interesting” pianist from Russia.

He played an all Beethoven programme, starting with a set of Six Bagatelles, Opus 126, composed for Beethoven’s new pianoforte, at a time when Beethoven was already completely deaf.

We then moved into Fifteen Variations & Fugue in E Flat, Opus 38 “Eroica Variations”.

After interval we heard Liszt’s transcription of the Eroica Symphony, Symphony Number 3.

I have never heard any of the piano transcriptions of the symphonies and I was a little amazed at Liszt’s ability to capture the essence thereof so accurately.  We live in a world of easy technology.  If we want a piece of music it is likely that we will be able to find it free on YouTube.  Maybe we will have to pay for it.  But it is likely to be “out there” somewhere.  In days gone by a piano transcription of a symphony was the only way that most people living in smaller places would ever be able to hear a work.  Today it is rare to hear these works because we so often hear the originals.  However, Scherbakov, made this particular work soar.  I was entranced.

At the end of October on the 30th at 16:00, our very own Nataniel, a classically trained musician, will bring to JMS audiences, although not part of the official season, a classical music concert.  He will make use of both a jazz and a string quartet.  His hallmark costumes will also be on display.

The final concert of the season features the Trio Frontiere (piano, clarinet, cello) and takes place on Saturday 12 November 2016 at 20:00 at the Linder Auditorium.

Then the JMS rests until the end of January or early February 2017.  (The summer holidays in South Africa see a mass exodus of people from inland Johannesburg to the coast, the mountains or the bush).




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