Your Bucket List

150 Must-Do Experiences in Southern Africa

This exhilarating book published by Map Studio gives a list of 150 things to do om Southern Africa.  As might be expected from Map Studio, they are grouped first by country. but then into categories such as Adventue, Chilled, Sport, Wildlife, and Cultural.

There is a wide range of activities, some of which I have done.  There is a tick list at the back so one can count them easily.  There are activities for every fitness level and every pocket.

One of the interesting categories is unusual places to stay. In a wigwayam in Paternoster – and me being silly, one can complete this completely unSouth-African activity by visiting the Takoda Spur in Paternoster. One can book a night sleeping next to a lighthouse in nearby Cape Columbine while one is exploring Paternoster and the West Coast. In Cape Town one can sleep near the Slangkop Lighthouse and other lighthouses where one can sleep over are in Gansbaai, Mossel Bay. Port Alfred, Port Edward.  Seriously fun stuff. Not listed as an unusual place to stay is the multi-day ferry up Lake Malawi.  One can get a cabin, but most people sleep on the deck because of the heat.  The cabin is useful for keeping belongings safe (and probably for changing). A bit of trivia I did not know is that Kanoneiland (on the Orange River) near Upington is inhabited and one can sleep there.

There are adrenaline soaked activities.  Kloofing on the Kamikaze Canyon (the name would put me off that), blackwater tubing in Storms River, abseiling down the Maletsunyane Falls (or other falls, which I have done in the past when I was younger, thinner and much, much fitter). The Bungee jump at Bloukrans is world renowned as the highest commercial jump anywhere in the world.

Cultural activities include the noon day gun in Cape Town (free and unavoidable, but the trip up to the gun on Signal Hill is apparently worth it for its volume alone). Catching and cooking your own crayfish might appeal.  Visiting a sangoma is something I have done (I found the experience quite disappointing, but don’t let that put you off). Jumping like a Maasai Warrior is a lot of fun, and I have the Maasai blanket to remind me of this little bit of harmless fun.

Some of the wildlife experiences are magical.  Regular readers of mine will know that this is one of my passions.  The flamingoes at Lake Manyara are iconic and I have been privileged to see them.  Closer to home I have visited the penguin colony at Boulders, I have done whale watching, I have seen rhino in the wild, and slept in bird hides in the Kruger National Park as well as having seen the Big Five.  I still have to visit the Transfrontier Parks, watch turtles hatch, witness the Sardine Run and walk with meerkats.

This really is another one of those books to consult before visiting an area to get some wonderful ideas of what to do while there.

I am planning to use this on my next major holiday.  (Deo volente)


  • Title: Your Bucket List
  • Sub-title:  150 Must-Do Experiences in South Africa
  • Author:  Patrick Cruywagen
  • Publisher:  Map Studio
  • Year: 2014
  • Recommended Selling Price:  R265
  • ISBN 978-1-77026-560-8







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