The Unauthorised History of South Africa

The blurb on this book says: “Researched and written by two historians well respected in concentric circles, this hilarious take on our collective past reveals stunning new discoveries and fascinating new figures, from Koos van Doosch, the cheese pimp who settled the Cape a year before Van Riebeeck, to Shaka’s lesser-known brother, Nigel Zulu, who just wanted to be a florist.

You’ll discover how the winner of the Mr Mielie Board beauty pageant came to rule South Africa, and you’ll celebrate our greatest triumphs, like when Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman won the Rugby World Cup in 1995.

From small fat gold-plated rhinos in Mapungubwe, to small fat gold-plated politicians in Mangaung, The Unauthorised History of South Africa tells you the history you always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.”


9781770225947  The Unauthorised History of South Africa - Dr Stienie Dikderm and Prof Herodotus Hlope HR.jpg


The cover with a picture of Jan van Riebeeck, pointing out his flea collar and epic spaniel ears, assures us that it is 10% totally true.  The book is written by Dr Stienie Dikderm and Prof Herodotus Hlope.  Both of these esteemed scholars have impeccable credentials  Even before one reads it, one knows one is in for a fabulous treat.

Those of us who suffered for three years in primary school learning about the Great Trek and were somehow not completely put off history in general and South African history in particular will find great wisdom in the facts as set out herein.  Not only were there Voortrekkers, but also the less ambitious Middeltrekkers,  and the Agtertrekkers who only trekked because of peer pressure and the little known Kaktrekkers who had no sense of e direction and just wandered around until they found a town or broke an axle. The real reason for the Trek is also touched on.  “Did our family walk barefoot over the Drakensberg just so you could go to art school and break your father’s heart” sets the tone for the guilt-inducing benefits of the Trek for future generations.

The history book is unlikely to quickly as it covers contemporary history right up to 2023.

A must read for every South African who considers a 10% totally true history of South Africa a major step up in reliability from anything we get to watch on SABC.

A fabulous Christmas gift.

  •  Title:  The Unauthorised History of South Africa
  • Authors:  Dr Stienie Dikderm and Prof Herodotus Hlope
  • Publisher:  Zebra Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House
  • Year:  2013
  • Format: Soft Cover
  • Recommended price: R180
  • ISBN:9781770225947

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