Reading the world: Haiti

  • Title:  Mr Clarinet
  • Author:  Nick Stone
  • Publisher:  Penguin
  • Year: 2006
  • Genre:  Crime fiction
  • Type:  Paperback

This rather interesting tale is sub-titled “The first Max Mingus thriller”.  Our hero is an American former police officer turned vigilante, now an ex-con private investigator.  He gets an invitation to solve a child kidnapping case in Haiti.

It is informative about Haiti, which is what makes it suitable for the Reading the World project.  Much of the information is fed to the reader via the interpreter for the case telling our hero the history and culture of Haiti.  It speaks a little about vodou (not voodoo), the history of the country, the culture and the food.



The Republic of Haiti is a Caribbean country, sharing an island, Hispaniola, with the Dominican Republic. Its capital city is Port-au-Prince, its currency the Haitian gourde, and its languages French and Creole (spelled Kreyol in the book).




The book itself is an entertaining read.

Reading the World is a project in which the reader selects a book or article written about, set in, etc. in a certain country.  It is a form of armchair travelling.  The thinking behind this is that one can get to know about a country by reading almost as well, if not better, than a fleeting visit to that country.  I am not entirely convinced about the thought process, but it is certainly an interesting thing to do if one wishes to do so.  I don’t need any particular further justification for this project.


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