World Coconut Day – apparently a thing

Seriously there is a World Coconut Day –  2 September.  The annual coconut day was declared on the 25th Asian and Pacific Coconut Community Session/Ministerial Meeting held in Vietnam in 1998. It is aimed at generating more awareness on the importance of coconut and to attract more investments in this sector for the welfare of coconut farmers.


Not that the farmers need much help at the moment.  Coconuts are big.  Ok.  Coconuts are currently viewed as a foodie superstar ingredient, packing a powerful punch in terms of both vitamins and nutrients.They are particularly an excellent source of potassium and electrolytes, making it an ideal choice for after workouts.

They are also known as the “fruit of life”. It is also a nut (one seeded fruit) and a seed. (So it is a fruit and a nut and a seed.  Its technical name is a “drupe”.  Other drupes are peaches, plums and cherries.

They grow throughout the tropics and subtropics. 80 countries grow them.

“Coco” in Portuguese means “grin” and it was named for the look of a grinning face that the three holes give the coconut.

In the early stages of growth, a coconut contains high levels of water which makes a refreshing drink. This coconut water can be, and has been, used as a substitute for blood plasma and it is administered per intravenous drip in emergency situations.

Coconut water and coconut milk are two different things.

In Thailand and Malaysia, trained pig-tailed macaques (monkeys) are used to harvest coconuts.

The fibre on the husk is known as coir and it can be used to make ropes, mats, sacks and mattress stuffing.

Coconut shells make great compost material.




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