Self talk for resisting food cravings

I’ve started Banting.  Brand new concept for me.  Haven’t even completed one day yet and already I have a host of food cravings. So, here is some self-talk to help me make it through the day, the evening, the night (not that I’m usually into midnight binges).


I can resist everything except temptation.PNG
1.  I am going to delay the gratification of this craving.
I start with this because it was the main way I handled cravings for cigarettes when I gave up smoking.  If I am still craving this food later I will make a decision then as to whether to eat it or not.  That way I don’t feel that I am depriving myself.  I am simply postponing the decision to eat it until later.  Hopefully that way the thoughts driving the craving can be dispelled.  The theory is that the craving will dissipate.
2.  Chat to a friend who is good at seeing the big picture of life.

4.  Work it off.

Hahaha!  I know I won’t really go and swim later if I eat that chocolate now.  So, I can promise myself that if I go and swim now, I can eat the chocolate later.  Of course, if I did go for a swim I would feel fabulously good and not want to eat the chocolate.

If you’re reading this and you have some other ideas for me, please share them.

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Clergy person, theatre and music lover, avid reader, foodie. Basically, I write about what I do, where I go and things I love (or hate).
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