MIDM’s Feathers

Moving Into Dance Mophotong produced a programme at the recent 969 Festival at Wits.  These programmes were all performed last month or early this month at the National Arts Festival.

It featured four items, Everlast choreographed and performed by Eugene Mashiane to music compiled by Olafur Arnolds.

The second piece was a work entitled Road, choreographed by Oscar Buthelezi and performed by Oscar Buthelezi and Muzi Shili to music compiled by Teboho Gilbert Letele.  This was the piece I liked best of the four. Interestingly, I did not know at the time of seeing it, but Road has won several international awards for Oscar Buthelezi.  Well deserved, I can assure readers.

The third work was a solo choreographed and performed by Sunnyboy Mandla Motau entitled My Black is Black.

The final piece was the title piece of the production – Fight, Flight, Feathers, F**kers choreographed by Rachel Erdos and Sunnyboy Motau. It was performed by Muzi Shili, Teboho Gilbert Letele, Oscar Buthelezi and Eugene Mashiane.  It is a study of contemporary masculinity.  This work was commissioned for the Dance Umbella.

MIDM has always done beautiful work in terms of theatrical and choreographic value, but their performance was, in the past, often a little tatty.  No more!  They have been working very hard in the last few years and their performance is greatly improved and they are looking exceptionally good, especially in the duet and the quartet.  I was most positively impressed with their precision and control.  This makes a huge difference to the visual appreciation of the creative content of the work – a feature which is still obviously paramount.

The 969 Festival is now finished, but it was fabulous.






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