Islamaphobia was rampant in the wake of 9/11.  Unveiled was written by Rohina Malik in response to that.  Islamaphobia is a growing problem worldwide today and results in hate crimes, often directed against veiled women.

Gulshan Mia, the American based actress is South African born.  Her family and friends are in at every performance supporting her.  Not that she needs support.  Her performance, directed by Wayne Maugans, is outstanding.

She creates five characters on stage.  Maryam, a Pakistani immigrant; Noor, a Moroccan American; Inez, an African American convert or “revert”; Shabanay, a British born rapper; and Layla, a Palestinian immigrant.  Each of them tells out her story. I shed a tear or two.


Works like this do their bit to bring about peace and harmony and counter hate.  I wish this could visit every school, every church, every mosque, every temple in the country.

Unveiled is presented as part of the 969 Festival at Wits Theatre presented until 24 July 2016.  Unveiled has only one more performance which is sold out.



About moirads

Multi-skilled, trained theologian (Christian), administrator and journalist, I conduct weddings, funerals and facilitate spiritual growth workshops. Theatre, music, dance and visual arts are my passions. I have been making my musical musings, theatre talks and dance dialogues public since February 1999 when I acquired access to the internet. Books are another passion, and I have a particular interest in South African ecology and history. I have been interested in first aid and health 'forever' because my mother was a highly qualified nurse and my father was a safety officer. I did a first aid course, a fire fighting course and then an advanced first aid course and I loved them. Basically, I write about what I do, where I go and things I love (or hate).
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