Chapter 2 Section 9

This is a work sensitively devised and skillfully edited by Phyllis Klotz.

Chapter 2 Section 9 refers to the South African Constitution and it deals with the equality of all people regardless of sexual orientation.

Chapter 2

It is a composite of more than 40 interviews with lesbians about their unique situation in South Africa society where they are still frequently subjected to hate crimes of “corrective rape” and murder. Each of them tells out several stories.  Some of the stories are more moving than others.  Coming out, living boldly, living timidly, living in fear, having children, being part of the GLBTI community, being excluded from the community, a mother speaks, facing prejudice, experiencing support … each story is unique.

The costumes and set were by Sarah Roberts, lighting by Stan Knight, and acted by Ayanda Sibisi, Ayanda Fali, Tsholofelo Ross, Khanyisa Nanase.


The live music was by Isaac Molelekoa and it was both superb and added greatly to the whole.

The work pays tribute to the many lesbians killed as a result of hate crimes against lesbians.  I am sorry there are no more performances of this touching piece.

I saw this at the 969 Festival at Wits Theatre which runs until 24 July 2016.  It is curated by Gita Pather.



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Multi-skilled, trained theologian (Christian), administrator and journalist, I conduct weddings, funerals and facilitate spiritual growth workshops. Theatre, music, dance and visual arts are my passions. I have been making my musical musings, theatre talks and dance dialogues public since February 1999 when I acquired access to the internet. Books are another passion, and I have a particular interest in South African ecology and history. I have been interested in first aid and health 'forever' because my mother was a highly qualified nurse and my father was a safety officer. I did a first aid course, a fire fighting course and then an advanced first aid course and I loved them. Basically, I write about what I do, where I go and things I love (or hate).
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