Pay back the curry!

Creator Mike van Graan is a clever scriptwriter and I had high expectations for Pay back the curry!  I wasn’t disappointed.  It was, as usual, a striking satire which thrust and parried as the audience roared in approving laughter at things which are really not funny in the world of politics.

Rob van Vuuren as a director is another known quantity and again expectations were high and were met.

Daniel Richards, however, was an unknown quantity.  He is a young actor – slim, agile, musical and good looking.  A perfect romantic lead.  This was a solo role.  He romanced the audience with his wonderful delivery, superb timing and generally engaging stage personality.

Daniel Richards

Daniel Richards

Pay back the curry! is one of those dream team performances which is sure to delight wherever it goes.  Light on props and cast it can and should “have legs” and be able to travel throughout the country.  I wish this production a long and successful life.

Pay back the curry! is part of the 969 Festival at Wits Theatre which is on until 24 July 2016.  The festival is curated by Gita Pather.



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