Central Intelligence

A delightful American movie directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber about the bullied fat boy, Bob, and the class sports hero, Calvin, twenty years later.
Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence
The comedy/action now centers around the former fat boy (Dwayne Johnson), now a CIA operative, and the person voted most likely to succeed (Kevin Hart), now an accountant. Espionage, treason, double-crosses and shoot-outs abound. Th ere is some married love (not a euphemism for sex) thrown in.  All in all this is a feel good comedy which should please just about anyone.  An excellent choice for date night.
This has suggestions of nudity, some violence, some mildly suggestive comments and a few swear words and it has been rated PG13 for these reasons.
My favourite line in the movie comes from Rob when Calvin asks him how he went from fat boy to super toned CIA operative.  “Six hours a day in the gym every day for twenty years.  Anyone can do it.”
I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  8/10.

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