Man Finds Food

Sometimes the media gets the jump on the public. In early May, nearly a year ahead of the television programme “Man Finds Food”, to be presented by Adam Richman, the second series looking at those little hidden (almost secret) eateries to be found in every big city in the world the media were introduced to this series. Two episodes were filmed in South Africa, one in Johannesburg, one in Cape Town.

Adam Richman

Adam Richman

The media were also given a list of the eateries, sans addresses, but we are an enterprising bunch mostly trained in the ways of investigative journalism and we soon tracked them all down so that we could visit them over the next few months.

While each episode in the series looks at only four eateries, in Johannesburg there were seven of these listed for our consideration, described as “off the beaten track” (well, Yeoville is not normally a place we encourage tourists to visit), or “behind convenience store”, “no-frills hotel in outskirts of town” (not quite how would locate the famous Troyeville Hotel, the only Johannesburg eatery I have visited), or a “hole-in-the-wall joint” in Maboneng. Those are probably the ones they are going to use. However, there are another three such eateries where they filmed, these being described as “Hidden location – in a blue truck”, “through an alleyway to an oddly shaped pool” and finally, “unmarked, inside a strip-mall type building”.

Troyeville Hotel

The Troyeville Hotel, specialising in Portuguese cuisine.

I/we (for my fellow journalists will doubtless join me) will be writing about these over the next nine months. I intend to keep them a semi-secret (no embargo on revealing their names and locations) but I will not name which ones will be used in the programme until closer to the date. You, gentle reader, can but guess at which ones will be used. Humour me, this is my version of those childish secret quests I read about and never reproduced. 🙂

This programme will be aired in 2017 on Food Network.


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