101 Kruger Tales

  • Author/Compiler: Jeff Gordon
  • Title:  101 Kruger Tales
  • Sub-title:  Extraordinary stories from ordinary visitors to the Kruger National Park
  • Format:  Soft cover, 410 pages
  • Publisher:  Struik Nature
  • Year:  2015
  • Recommended selling price:  R270
  • ISBN: 9780620611329

Kruger Tales

I read this book through in one sitting.  I have dipped into it several times.  It is a great book for anyone, but those of us who love the Kruger National Park will often know the places where the events occurred.  There are some chapters of context for people who are less familiar with the territory and the rules.

Most regular visitors to the Park will have interesting stories to tell of their visits, and often of the visits of others.  One such tale is of a tourist, sleeping out of camp (forbidden and very foolish) taking a bath in a crocodile infested dam. Each story like this one has the reader in suspense during the telling and leaves him or her with a sense of amazement.

The book first released in October 2015 and was under a great many Christmas trees on Christmas morning in 2015. The recommended selling price is R270, but they are available new at better prices. I am told that they  sell for R330 at the Parks Shops, which is a hefty mark-up, although it makes a particularly fabulous gift to someone (yourself?) from the Park.  At this time one might, if one is very lucky, find one in a second hand shop, even though I can’t work out who would want to part with this book.

I am always mindful of the privilege I enjoy when I make a visit to the Kruger National Park, and this book reminds us of the fact that we are guests of the wild animals which inhabit this magnificent space.

It is a book worth reading, simply so that you too can gush about how fabulous it is.

Jeff Gordon has written/compiled/edited this book very skilfully and he is now collecting more stories for a second edition.



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