Bad Jews

Bad Jews, a play by Joshua Harmon, directed by Greg Karvellas is on at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square.  I think it is sold out to the end of the run on 14 February 2016.

Everyone has been raving about it.  Critical and popular acclaim.  All well deserved.  It is an excellent work, brilliantly executed.  Set and costume design are by Saul Radomsky.  The set is cleverly done, as the work takes place both in a New York apartment and in the hall outside.

(L-R) Ashley Carine de Lange, Glen Biderman-Pam, Lara Lipschitz

Melody (Ashley Carine de Lange), Liam (Glen Biderman-Pam) and Daphne (Lara Lipshitz)

Melody is the young non-Jewish girlfriend of Liam.  Daphne is the cousin of Liam and the main character of the play.  She almost never stops talking, and her character is highly demanding.  She is an irritating character, but she draws the audience in and by the end one has, if not a like, as least compassion, for her.

(L-R) Glen Biderman-Pam, Oli Booth

Liam (Glen Biderman-Pam) and his brother, Jonah (Oli Booth)

This is a challenging play, for it invites the audience to examine their prejudices, and leaves them to draw their own conclusions.  It speaks about a “time when it has never been easier to be Jewish”.  This may be the case in the USA, but in Europe there is a distinct rise of anti-Semitism.  This is also apparent in South Africa, especially in fundamentalist Muslim circles.

My cousin left saying “there is much food for thought in this play”.  She summed it up beautifully.  It is a meaty, tasty work, delicious and satisfying in every way.  Worth seeing (if you can still get a ticket).




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