Viennese New Year Concert 2016

The classical music year begins with the Viennese New Year Concerts conducted by Maestro Richard Cock.  Two of them.  One on the Saturday evening and one on the Sunday afternoon.  These are tremendously popular with Johannesburg audiences.  Light classical music with a wonderful raconteur at the helm.

We are reminded that the New Year Concert in Vienna is priced at 960 Euros.  🙂

The concert is an opportunity to remind everyone that the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival is on the go.  Two weeks of superb music entertainment.

There are always some great concerts as part of the JIMF, and I will talk more about these later.  I just want to mention my personal favourites here.  They are the improvisation concerts to silent movies held at The Bioscope with Paul Hanmer (keyboard) and Marcus Wyatt on trumpet and flugelhorn.  The two movies this year are in keeping with this year’s theme, Alla Turca.  The one on the 3rd is The Thief of Baghdad (1924) while the one on the 4th is The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926).  These are alwayinteresting from a movie history perspective and The Adventures of Prince Achmed was only released in 1931, but it was the first animated movie ever released.

So, the next two concerts, on the 26th and 27th, both at St Mary’s, feature the Odeion Quartet.  On Tuesday night, they will accompany the Chanticleer Singers and on Wednesday night, the anniversary of Mozart’s birth, they will play an all Mozart concert.  The Odeion String Quartet is based at the University of the Free State and has Samson Diamond as its leader

I am looking forward to these concerts.





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