Go set a Watchman

This Harper Lee sequel to the famous To Kill a Mockingbird was apparently written BEFORE the famous anti-racism novel.  It also deals with themes of racism, but in it the hero, Atticus Finch, is discovered by his daughter to have feet of clay.

Go set a watchman

It is a very tender and convincing account of a child discovering that she holds differing political viewpoints from the person from whom she believes she drew those viewpoints.  I could identify with this character on those grounds.

The race issues of the deep South also strike chords with all South Africans of every hue.

There are wonderful moments of humour, like when the children play “Revival” imitating a preacher with a whistle on sibilant s sounds saying “Blessed is he who sitteth not in the seat of the scornful”.  The children were thought to have whooping cough in their attempts not to laugh.  But the story of the game got back to the clergyman.

The work is definitely worth reading, and I gave the book to my sister as a Christmas gift.  She is a great admirer of To Kill a Mockingbird and I think this book will resonate with her.

  • Title:  Go Set A Watchman
  • Author:  Harper Lee
  • Publisher:  William Heinemann (an imprint of PenguinRandomHouse)
  • Year:  2015
  • ISBN 9781785150289

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2 Responses to Go set a Watchman

  1. Wenchy says:

    I’m a massive fan of the “To kill a mockingbird”… Reviews for this book is varied, so I have not purchased it as books are so pricey.

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