I spied with my little eye … December 2015

What a year end for theatre in Johannesburg!

The National Children’s Theatre have just ended their run of James and the Giant Peach, the fabulous Roald Dahl work superbly directed by Francois Theron in a time of personal grief for him.  His sadness never reflects in the work.

The People’s Theatre at the Joburg Theatre Complex is having a rerun of Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR and the little ones were entranced.

The Auto and General Theatre on the Square is hosting The Snow Goose.  I have not seen it this time round, but it is fabulous theatre.

Joburg Theatre, as usual has the latest Janice Honeyman Pantomime.  This year it is The Sleeping Beauty.  Many people are saying it the best one in years. Others complain that they are always the same.  I rejoice that I always find them the same.  I always find them delightful.  This year is no exception.

Sweeny Todd ended its run at Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre, as did the lastest incarnation of Rocco de Villiers on piano in All about the piano.  Both wonderful shows. Cape Town audiences will be getting Sweeny Todd in the new year.  Worth booking for now.

Just Carry On William is currently on at The Studio upstairs at Montecasino Theatre.  Directed by Alan Swerdlow, this gem stars Malcolm Terrey as Kenneth Williams “reading” three Just William Stories.  Terrey is one of our “elder actors”, a man with vast experience as a comedy actor.  He takes on 19 characters here and has his audience laughing most of the way, although the particular audience I was in took a little time to warm up to this delightful work.  This runs between Christmas and New Year and into January.

I’m Playing Your Song, co-written by Alan Swerdlow and Jonathan Roxmouth, directed by the the former and starring the latter together with the wonderful Sharon Spiegel-Wagner is a fabulous piece of biographical music theatre looking at the life of Marvin Hamlisch.  It will leave you feeling upbeat and happy.  Really a charming piece all round. If you only have time and/or money for one piece of entertainment this year end, this should be it.  This also runs between Christmas and New Year and into January.

Im playing your song

The Imperial Ice Ballet’s Swan Lake on Ice is this year’s entertainment at the Montecasino Teatro.  I have come to love this year end treat and this production is bigger and better than ever before.  This runs until 10 January in Johannesburg and is then off to Cape Town.

What a great month of theatre it has been.




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