The Little Prince (movie review)

One of the 2015 year end holiday movies for children is The Little Prince, a 3D animated movie.  It is based on the Antoine de Saint-Exupery book of the same name, but it is more than a simple adaptation of the book.  The padded story is delightful, especially if one knows and loves the original.

Little Prince

The plot broadly deals with the pressure parents place on their children to achieve academically and the need of the child to dream.

One does meet many of the characters from The Little Prince, including the fox, the rose, the snake, the king, the businessman and the conceited man.

I suspect that this is a movie that one will either like a lot or dislike a lot, but as far as I was concerned there was nothing to dislike.  I recommend to all those who are still young at heart and can tell the difference between an elephant in a python and a hat.



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