Joburg Ballet vs Dirk Badenhorst settled

Just about everyone has been speculating and asking.  Here is the formal press release:

Dirk Badenhorst


Mr Badenhorst’s attorney Mark Thompson wishes to set the record straight in light of the recent press statements

  • Joburg Ballet employed 2 advocates and 1 attorney to pursue charges against Dirk Badenhorst
  • Dirk Badenhorst approached his attorney Mark Thompson to answer to the charges
  • Thompson  states that the  charges are nothing but an attempt to set Dirk Badenhorst in a bad light and had no substance
  • At the commencement; the proceedings Campbell’s legal team approached us with a proposal to settle the matter
  • Ultimately the parties settled on the basis that all charges would be withdrawn and Dirk Badenhorst would resign on the basis that the employment relationship  had become strained
  • The parties also agreed to release a neutral press statement.
  • In terms of Badenhorst’s contract of employment, a substantial sum of money is due and owing to him which he is perusing.
  • He has been instrumental in raising money and creating partnerships with businesses in South Africa and ballet companies and ballet schools around the world, to ensure the growth (both financially and artistically) and sustainability of Joburg Ballet.
  • Badenhorst shall continue to work towards the growth of ballet in South Africa, and in particular youth development. The accessibility of ballet to all South Africans, on and off the stage, has been his focus for many years. He wishes to thank all those who have supported him. 


Issued for JMT Attorneys:

Mark Thompson

011 486 – 3362 /


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