Scammed, Cons and scams revealed (Book Review)


The author, Stepheon Cloete, is a professional entertainer and speaker, who uses “magic” (illusion, sleight of hand, escapology and mentalism) as part of his entertaining arsenal.  He has been a cruise director for a large cruise ship company for more than fifteen years.  He is an expert in the field of tricking people and is ideally placed to expose the various scams that do the round.  He does this in MapStudio’s new book, Scammed! 

He exposes the greed and gullibility and other psychological elements which underlie various scams, hoaxes and cons.  The history of these things are fascinating and once or twice, I – ever the sceptic – found myself having been hoodwinked, even if only by having believed something that now appears not to have been true.  The first part of the book makes up the bulk of the text as well as being “meaty” in terms of subject matter, and I found it most entertaining, particularly the section on faith healers.

Part Two deals with some simple “Magic Tricks” for the readers.  This is less interesting to me than the first section, but I would imagine that young wannabee magicians will love this section.  It may well fill the better part of a rainy weekend with entertainment for young people especially if there is load-shedding around.  Keep it to hand for this sort of emergency.  It also makes a perfect unisex Christmas present for that enquiring mind.

  • Title:  Scammed!
  • Author:  Stephen Cloete
  • Publisher: MapStudio
  • Year: 2015
  • ISBN:  978-1-77026-668-

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