It’s not my job!

I was at Joburg Theatre last night for the opening night of Don Quixote ballet with the Joburg Ballet Theatre.

My assigned seat was Q11.  I know the theatre seating plan well and was fully aware of where Q11 was, and its proximity to the various doors. I am partially disabled, so instead of going in through the door in the front of the theatre, where there are steps, I entered through the door closest to the Ladies’ loo.  My friend had the tickets and she trailed behind to do the necessary scanning.

Joburg theatre seating plan

The bell had just rung and the theatre was still almost empty.  There was no one in row Q, not only in the section I was seated in, but in the entire theatre.

The usher at the door outside the Ladies’ loo stopped my friend and demanded that we (I was already in the theatre, counting the seat numbers in row Q) go in through the correct door.  My friend pointed out that we had selected this door deliberately to avoid the steps.

At this point the usher said “It’s not my job!”

My association with the theatre goes back for most of my life.  I have never heard such rubbish (or such an attitude) from any of Joburg Theatre’s front of house staff ever before.  They are usually so accommodating and willing to help.  I suspect, “It’s not my job!” is not really cut out to work with the public and her job would be better appreciated by someone else.


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  1. It's not my job says:

    So what’s the actual issue here?

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