Ewe in the Office, by Ann Gadd

Ewe in the Office by Ann Gadd

ThisThEwe in the Office by Ann Gadd

This is a delightful book of visual humour for the office environment.  While reading through it (a remarkably quick read), I found myself wanting to share it with our accountant, with the director of the company and with colleagues.  It is very clever and equally charming (clever and charming don’t always go together).

It pokes gentle fun at many of the catch phrases we use and one cannot help but smile while reading it. One of my favourites is her illustration for “levelling the playing fields”.

This book makes a PERFECT present for Boss’ Day coming up on 16 October or for any other occasion for the boss who has everything.

Ann Gadd is a prolific author – this is her sixteenth book – and ewenique illustrator.  She has a particular fondness for sheep.

  • Title: Ewe in the Office
  • Author: Ann Gadd
  • Illustrator:  Ann Gadd
  • Publisher: MapStudio
  • Year: 2015
  • Introductory price (from http://www.mapstudio.co.za):  R195.00
  • ISBN 978-1-77026-709-1

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