Our Kind of Music, Lindsay Grattan Cooper – a book review

Our Kind of Music Lindsay Grattan Cooper

I am not sure what I expected from Our Kind of Music but it wasn’t the kind of novel which unfolded through the 646 pages of a two-generational four decade tale of one man, Jack Pike, and his son.

The book is well written and set against various backgrounds, only one of which is the author’s native South Africa.  Our Kind of Music is not about music, but it mentions music throughout.

This tale is dark in places, and it deals with all the themes a man might encounter over forty years of adult life, including episodes in his son’s life to which he might become privvy.

Parts of the story have stayed with me for several weeks since I read the book in a single weekend.  Certainly it is never predictable.  I am advised that the author devised the storyline in her head while minding her young daughter.  It certainly feels reasoned and always, well nearly always, plausible.

The author, Lindsay Gratton Cooper wrote this novel first, then followed it with Remote, a book about St Helena, a biographical tale which took me much longer to read, but was equally well written and equally long.

  • Title:  Our Kind of Music
  • Author: Lindsay Grattan Cooper
  • Publisher: Porcupine Press
  • Place:  Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Date:  2014
  • Recommended Price:  Unknown (I received a complimentary copy)
  • ISBN:  978-1-920609-58-0

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