Things to do in Moer & Gone Places

  • Title:  Things to do in Moer & Gone Place
  • Sub-title:  Your guide to over 100 of South Africa’s outdoor secrets
  • Author:  Jacques Marais
  • Publisher:  Map Studio
  • Date: 2015
  • Cartographer:  Genene Hart
  • Editor:  Thea Grobbelaar
  • ISBN 978-1-77026-649-0

Moer & Gone

In the introduction the author, Jacques Marais, suggests that this book will put us on the path to destinations which will help us to find our “inner caveman”.

I have been to some of the destinations in the book and they are among the places I would love to visit again and again.  Swaziland’s Milwane Wildlife Sanctuary near Ezulwini is a fabulous place to visit and the information given is entirely accurate.  It makes me want to plan another adventure there in the near future.  Other international destinations are listed for Nambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Lesotho.  I have been to Victoria Falls, but never thought of spending a day or two around Beit Bridge.  What I have missed out on is an opportunity to study local archeological interest items such as Late Stone Age sheldters and rock art.  The highlight, of course, would be the dinosaur fossils from the Late Triassic period (a pre-crocodilian reptile by the name of archosaur Erythrosuchus) as well as numerous Jurassic prosauopod Massospondylus fossil sites.  Who knew we had our own Jurassic Park just 60 kms from Beit Bridge?

The Eastern Cape is off my main interest list for a little while, my last year’s holiday having been a road trip there, but I can personally attest to the beauty of Hogsback, Bedford, Storms River Village, Port Alfred, Fort Beaufort and Addo.

So, I turned to trips close to Johannesburg.  Middleburg, Mpumalanga.  A cattle farm, Ribbokkloof Lodge.  Sounds good.  Chrissiesmeer, also in Mpumalanga, has always fascinated me.  It is South Africa’s largest natural body of fresh water, measuring about 9km long and 3m wide.  They have canoes!  And frogs!

The North West has several places including the Riverbed Guest Farm in Groot Marico – Herman Charles Bosman country (October is the month to check out for the official Bosman weekend).  One can visit mampoer stills while one is there.  I am not sure that a beauty spa counts for “inner caveman” stuff, though.

Gauteng has destinations at Bronkhorstspruit, Hekpoort, Heidelberg and Skeerpoort.  Bush paintball sounds like enormous fun!

Things to do in Moer & Gone Places is certainly a useful guide to people who like to take “mini-breaks” not too far away from home where they can do some adventurous exploring and enjoy the peace and tranquility of a spot (even if they are going to destroy it by quad biking).

One thing I would have liked is a three star rating for budget planning:  1 * for Budget, 2 ** for Average and 3 *** for Luxury.


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