The Rewrite, a Hugh Grant RomCom.

So I found myself outside a movie house with some time to kill.  I picked the movie I hadn’t seen with times which most suited my schedule and came up with The Rewrite, starring Hugh Grant.


I obviously haven’t seen a Hugh Grant movie for a while because I was shocked at how much he’d aged.  A friend pointed out that I’m not getting younger.

Anyway, this movie is directed by Marc Lawrence.  It is about a washed-up screenwriter, Keith Michaels (Huge Grant) who only had one success, and who lands up teaching at Binghamton University.  Holly Carpenter (Marisa Tomei) is the single mom female lead, the other woman.  Karen (Bella Heathcote) is the student who has an affair with her lecturer (how can any adult be that stupid?) It needs a huge dose of willing suspension of disbelief, but if one gets past that, it is simply a formulaic romantic comedy.

The other faculty staff, Dr Lerner (J K Simmons), Jim (Chris Elliott) and Mary Weldon  (Allison Janney) are very thinly drawn characters.  Well, actually all of them are.  Fortunately the acting is better than the script.

A pleasant diversion, but save it for DVD when you have a nasty cold and can’t tolerate anything that prompts you to think.


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