The sweetest of them all

On Thursday night I attended The Wine Show 2015 at the Sandton Convention Centre, sponsored by TOPS at SPAR.

It was, as usual, an interesting evening.

I started off at the Lourensford stand. Lourensford was founded in 1700 and is found in the Helderberg Mountains (Somerset West), and their wines are new recognised for their style and sophistication.

I tasted my way through their range.  Their entry level wines, the River Garden range, are very modestly priced at about R30 a bottle.  Their MCC Brut is delicious.  I tried their Merlot paired with cherry chocolate and loved it.

The grandest of the lot, however, is not a wine.  It is a honey liqueur (24% alcohol) where the bees have fed on the estate bluegum trees.  This was paired with dark mint chocolate.

Non Vintage Honey Liqueur and dark mint chocolate pairing.

Non Vintage Honey Liqueur and dark mint chocolate pairing.

It was heavenly, even though it effectively killed my taste buds early in the evening.  I had to wander off to find some cream crackers to help clear my palate. Some years the cream crackers are ubiquitous, this year they weren’t.

I was so impressed with this that I took a bottle of the Lourensford Honey Liqueur to a friend’s home when I went for dinner on Saturday, together with some Nestle Peppermint Crisps.  The honey aroma and flavour works so well with the peppermint and chocolate.

I have a cousin who lives in Somerset West and I think I would now like to visit her and get her to join me in a visit to the Lourensford Estate.  She must drive, of course, so I can do lots of drinking.

This liqueur really was a fortuitous find.


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