Q is for Quick and also for Quality

ABC in first aid usually stands for Airway, Breathing, Circulation or even Airway, Bleeding, Consciousness.  Perfect topic, then for the 2015 A-Z Challenge.  Today we reach the letter “Q”.

St John First Aid Training Banner

The speed and efficiency of the treatment of serious injuries and other medical emergencies impacts on the chances of survival as well as the eventual healing of the injury or illness.

In order for the response to be quick and the quality of the response to be superb, the first aider must be regularly trained in first aid.  No, your first aid course ten/twenty/thirty (or more) years ago when you were in the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides is not really useful anymore, although your life experience as a parent certainly is.  Get good training from a specialist organisation.  St John has been doing first aid training for centuries.  Learn from them.  Volunteer with the St John (Ambulance) Brigade if you have some time to spare. They do regular duties at public events and offer quality services.  More experienced first aiders will be there to help and advise and you will gain confidence at treating minor and not so minor emergencies. (Yes, this is an agenda.  I am a lecturer for St John First Aid and have been a volunteer with them for more than thirty years.)

To access first aid training or ambulances /medical cover for events in Johannesburg phone 011 403 4227

To access first aid training or ambulances /medical cover for events in Johannesburg phone 011 403 4227

There is something called “The Golden Hour of Pre-hospital Care”.  Basically what is done (or not done) in the first hour makes a world of difference to both the survival rate of the casualty and to the eventual healing of the casualty.  Make sure that you are trained to do the right thing right away.

To reach me at St John for medical cover for events contact moira.deswardt@stjohn.org.za or 011 403 4227 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the mornings.




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